DECEMBER 10: Lead me to love.

God’s love (that walked around in the person of Jesus) creates two miracles in our lives:

1) Our value will be impenetrably fortified

2) Our purpose will become simple and clear.

Jesus couldn’t have been more direct:

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”*

If we are to follow Jesus, it means following the demands of grace and the demands of truth into the lives of others.

The grace part of loving those around us means that they do not have to earn our sacrifice, our service, our attention, our hospitality, our forgiveness. While healthy boundaries must be created around certain people (loving people without qualification does not mean trusting them without qualification), it will require us to publicly honor people we could easily malign. It requires we include people who are left out or kept out in other social environments. It requires we become curious about the perspective of people with whom we disagree.

The truth part of loving those around us means we advocate for their best. Doing this without any relationship (in other words, devoid of where grace puts us in their lives), is destructive and arrogant. However, the closer we get to an individual, the more we must encourage them to love and nobility. Too many friendships are woven together flaccidly by agreement: As long as we only have agreement (or only dive as deep as agreement), we will never produce the innovation that love so naturally creates in our lives. This isn’t about doing more. Love is about becoming more together.

Even for those who don’t follow Jesus, following this double-barrel love, made up of grace and truth, would improve the human experience. It would improve your family. It would improve your workplace. It would improve your campus. No question.



“I want more love in my life. I want more love through my life. Lead me to love people enough to show them shocking grace. Lead me to love people enough to champion their potential. Lead me to love the people in my life the way you’ve loved me in Christ Jesus.”

*John’s biography of Jesus, chapter 15, verse 12


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