DECEMBER 17: Be a maker.

“God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God.”*

– Jesus

The birth of Jesus started in a small, accessible place. But this was not a sign of weakness. It was a sign of immense power.

To think that God could accomplish historic, global, deep peace—the kind we must want most of all—with such meager ingredients is to say God has an unimaginable capacity to do great things with small moves.

You want the world to be a calmer, gentler, kinder place. You will find that you have a great crowd surrounding you in that effort.

This great goal is a sign of the motivation of God within you.

But, though you have a God-like desire to see a world at peace, don’t burden yourself with the God-sized expectation that you have to make that happen.

God will make peace with the world. God will make peace in your world. Your heart. Your circle of influence. Your relationships. Your marriage. Your kids. Your neighborhood. Your industry.

It may seem like this reduces how much we need God. However, when we turn our attention from the faceless globe to the freckles on the face of that person in your life, it gets real and urgent and intimidating.

Be at peace. God is already at work to reconcile. He always is.

Be a peacemaker. God wants to work through your small brushstrokes to pain peace in someone’s world. You are a part of shalom—the eventual, perfect interrelation of all of humanity and creation with each other and our Creator.

Stun someone’s world with how you honor them today. Disarm someone’s defenses with how patience you are today. Open your ears, ask questions and discover the world inside someone else’s story today.

If you’re going to stir up trouble, do it against those slinging hate, do it against systems reduce the value of human life, do it against paradigms and norms that press down others to create platforms for power. When you do, you’ll find you’re making trouble alongside someone. Maybe, you’ll earn the privilege of making peace among them as well.



“PeaceMaker, you want peace with me and you want to make peace through me. I often stop short of bringing what you’ve given me to the world around me. Today, may my life and words be an invitation to You.”

*Matthew’s biography of Jesus, chapter 5, verse 9


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