DECEMBER 16: You only give what you have.

In one of the the hundreds of predictions about God’s historic peace plan (a Messiah), there are notes throughout that God isn’t just making peace with people, but making peace through people.

Whatever spiritual story you are living right now, this resonates from a deeply human place in all of us—we want to be a part of making more peace in our world.

  • If we can include someone isolated in the holidays, we practice hospitality.

  • If we can give our voice to the voiceless, we speak up.

  • If we can bring empathy where there’s ignorance, we ask questions.

  • If we can bring justice where there is violence, we march.

You don’t need God (or any concept of “God”) to be a decent human being doing some good in your world. Keep it up.

But we must know this:

You can only create the peace you have.

“And they will live securely, for then his greatness will reach to the ends of the earth.”*

Catch that? People will finally secure peace when they are at peace with God’s authority in their lives.

  • If you can provide education, give it. The world needs it.

  • If you can heal a body, treat it. The world needs it.

  • If you can provide a meal to a hungry stomach, give it. The world needs it.

  • If an apology will get you two talking again, give it. The world needs it.

  • If you can investigate or prosecute to overturn evil, do it. The world needs it.

But the world needs so much more.

Create the peace you have—and, if you have the deep peace of a relationship with God, do not stop short of giving it to someone this season. The world needs it.



“PeaceMaker, you want peace with me and you want to make peace through me. I often stop short of bringing what you’ve given me to the world around me. Today, may my life and words be an invitation to You.”


There is likely at least one person in your life who needs to experience the deep peace of a relationship with God. Pray for them by name and invite them to a Christmas event at your church or a party at your place or a cup of coffee where you can have a great conversation about your faith story and find out about theirs.

*The writings of Hebrew prophet, Micah, chapter 5, verse 4


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