DECEMBER 14: Real peace is personal.

But he was pierced for our rebellion, crushed for our sins. He was beaten so we could be whole. He was whipped so we could be healed.*

Peace fixes a problem

Peace fixes a problem between people.

This person is ostracizing that person. That’s a problem

These two aren’t hearing each other and that’s torn them apart. A problem.

This person is ignoring that person. Problem.

Peace fixes interpersonal problems.

Have you ever wondered if your pursuit for inner peace

Maybe inner peace, lay-your-head-on-your-pillow-and-know-you-are-OK peace won’t ultimately come from getting your finances in order or getting away from the screaming kids for awhile or getting enough square footage or landing your dream job.

Like all real peace, inner peace evades us because, deep down, two people are far apart that should be close together.

Maybe inner peace is interpersonal too.

Unless you are at real peace with God—unless what’s most deeply wrong has been dealt with—all the fixing in the world will never silence that primal urge you have for inner shalom.

As always, somebody has to pay for peace. Always. The great news (the “Gospel”) is that God said, “Not only do I have the vision for peace, I will (and this should make almost no sense to us whatsoever) die for people trying to fight me off.”

It may’ve never occurred to you that your deepest need for peace is a deep need for a Person—and that Person has made it possible to be close together forever. If it’s occurring to you know, simply talk to Him. Your…



“Jesus, I believe you were born and died to so I would have nothing left to pay off. I believe you’re alive again so I have nothing left to fear. I just want you. Thank you for making peace possible. Save me from a life without you and lead me to a life I can’t have without you.”


If you’ve heard this Great News, may this be a reminder that achieving peace and quiet or peace of mind is well and good. But unless you, daily, anchor your expectations in the relationship you need most, you won’t experience a peace that transcends your circumstances.



“PeaceMaker, what I’m most thankful for today is that you’ve already addressed my deepest hunger, thirst, need. Your greatest miracle was making reconciliation with you possible. Make me want more today. Make me want it more than my comfort or acclaim. Make me want the thing I needed most, the thing You’ve already given me: You.”

*The writings of Hebrew prophet, Isaiah, chapter 53, verse 5


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